Vintage Style Apron

I haven’t had much time for crafting recently, but when I saw Sam and Heather from Live It Love It Make It were running a vintage style apron workshop, I had to book onto it. The venue was Norden Farm in Maidenhead, which is an arts centre where Sam and Heather have started running a monthly craft club.

The group was a nice size, consisting of five ladies (including myself) who had all brought their own sewing machine as requested. My machine wasn’t a happy bunny and kept jamming whenever it had to go over lots of layers of fabric, but luckily for me, we were given an unpicker as well as the fabric and matching thread.

Our first task was to make the ruffle for the edge of the apron. This took a surprising amount of time!


Do you like the fabric? I could choose between this or a cupcake print – both were lovely!

Then the ruffle needed sewing to the edge of the apron.


This is where my machine wasn’t playing ball. I ended up having to do it twice and I ended up behind everyone else. The next step was to make the strap. I managed to attach it before leaving, but didn’t have time to sew the pocket on.

At home the next day I commandered the dining table. I unpicked the strap so that I could neaten the raw edge of the ruffle.


Bias binding is my friend! Hopefully this will make it a bit more durable. I didn’t have any wide pink binding and neither did the curtain shop in walking distance, but this doesn’t look too bad. This is a step none of the others took, but I had the time, so why not?

All I had to do then was reattach the strap (going very slowly over the top of the ruffles) and sew on the pocket. Heather had kindly folded the edges of the pocket under for me, so that bit was relatively easy (although my machine didn’t like the rounded corners!).

And here it is:

The back:


And on:


Thanks to Mr M for taking the last photo.

Now I feel as though I should morph into a perfect 50s housewife, but I doubt that will happen!


6 thoughts on “Vintage Style Apron

  1. We are so glad you managed to finish it and hope your sewing machine has recovered.
    It was lovely meeting you and hope to see you again soon and more makes of course!


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