Pressing Matters

During one of my Making Your Own Clothes class we learnt all about pressing and how important it is. Our tutor showed us a tailor’s ham and how useful they are when pressing things such as darts. Whilst they are great, they do cost a bit, so I decided to make my own!

There are lots of free patterns out there for tailor’s hams. I decided to use this one which I found in a
guest post on making tailor’s hams and sausages on Tilly and The Buttons blog. I made this a while ago before I knew Tilly would be on the fabulous Great British Sewing Bee. It appealed to me as it would be great practice in making darts.

There are good instructions on the blog post, but the pattern piece gives you virtually all you need to know, so I didn’t really use them.

First I cut the pattern piece out on the fold:


I then used tailor’s tacks to mark the point of the darts (but forgot to mark where they went from – oops!), tacked them and sewed them.


I placed the right sides of both halves together and sewed most of the way around the edge.


Then I turned it the right way round.


I chose to stuff mine with wood shavings, which got a bit messy, but I just kept stuffing and stuffing until I couldn’t really fit any more in, and then hand sewed up the gap.

Ta Dah!


Since making this, I have learnt about notching which would have stopped the puckering around the seam.

This project left me with a useable tool, which would have cost around £10 to buy, just for the cost of the wood shavings (everything else was from my stash). It was also helpful as it gave me practice in using tailor’s tacks and sewing darts.


2 thoughts on “Pressing Matters

  1. I remember using a ham when I was learning how to sew in school. Never thought to make my own. Wonderful tool, though. Good job on yours.

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