International Craft Swap – Part One


When I read about House of Pinheiro’s International Craft Swap, I had to sign up, despite being on holiday at the time. It turns out that my swap partner lives on the other side of the same town as me!

Jo manages to find time to sew on a pretty regular basis, despite commuting into London and having a four year old daughter. Her trials and tribulations of her sewing adventures can be found on her blog So Many Patterns Sew Little Time. She’s currently working on a mad men inspired dress. She hasn’t been sewing that that long in the grand scheme of things, but I will ask her to help me with fitting at some point.

Jo is also on twitter (@jolittletime) and that has been a great way to learn a bit more about each other and communicate. Not only do we live in the smallish towns near Reading (although mine is virtually joined to Reading), but we both live in 1950’s houses with original flooring under the carpets. Those conversations show what I’ve spent a lot of time doing recently!

Rather than post our swap items to each other, we decided to meet for a coffee (well, diet coke), a chat and the all important swap. We got a bit distracted by the chatting bit, but when we did eventually swap items over I was very pleased with the kind gift Jo made me.


Jo read that I travel a lot, so made me this lovely wash bag. Isn’t it pretty?


The sides and part of the flap are made from a stripey blue and white print, which is perfect for the nautical theme. The stripey bit you can see is subdivided into parts for brushes etc. How thoughtful is that?


As you can tell the bag is really roomy – plenty of space for all you need to take on holiday. The lining is waterproof, just in case!

I’m really pleased with this gift. It will prove very useful and it is very pretty! It was all made from her stash (apart from the zip), which is very impressive!

We also had to give our swap partner a small gift of up to £3 in value. Jo treated me to some of her favourite soap from Lush, which reminds her of holidays. It goes perfectly with the handmade washbag.

Thank you Jo! You have been very generous. I also want to thank Rachel of House of Pinheiro for organising the swap.

In Part Two I’ll share what I made / gave Jo.


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