Flip flop book

When I saw a flip flop fat quarter earlier this year I just had to buy it. One of my best friends lives in flip flops from the first signs of spring until the start of October at the earliest. She even wears smart flip flops to work!  Therefore I got this fabric with her in mind.

The book I made as part of the International Craft Swap went down well, so I decided to make another notebook. It’s a very sensible book with a toggle clasp, so it can be used at work.


The very first leather book I made had a straight edge,  but I think I prefer the wavy edge of my anchor leather book, so I did that again. 

Whilst it is a sensible notebook on the outside,  the recipient should hopefully love the inside. I do!


I just wish that it was a bit brighter when I made this book as you’d be able to see it a bit more easily. It’s with the recipient now, so I can’t take any more. Sorry!

I’ll share with you any response I get when this is unwrapped…


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