7th Bead Soup Blog Party – My Reveal

I first came across the bead soup blog party last year, not long after starting my blog. I thought it was a great idea and I saw some really inspirational pieces. When I saw the sign up for this year’s bead soup I had to sign up. My jewellery making skills are very basic compared to a lot of people, but I hoped to still make something nice.

In my first blog soup post I explained the principle behind the idea of bead soup. When I wrote that post I didn’t take some of the beads out of the bags they came in as I was a bit scared to lose any beads. I can show you these beads better now.

In your make you have to use the focal and the clasp supplied by your partner. I was sent these:



If you look closely at the focal you will see little pearls, so I decided to use these, from my soup, in my piece:


I used some silver coloured beads from my stash in addition to these. 
Here it is:


And up close…




I was also given an assortment of quartz beads:


I wanted to use these to make a separate piece and decided to make a bracelet.


I didn’t use all the quartz beads as there were quite a few. I’m sure I’ll use the rest of the beads relatively soon.

So there you go, that’s my little contribution to the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party. Why not visit some of the other blogs? You’ll find some far more impressive pieces. The main Bead Soup Blog Party website has links to all 541 people taking part.


27 thoughts on “7th Bead Soup Blog Party – My Reveal

  1. Lovely lovely lovely pieces! I love simple beauty of the pearl necklace and how the pearls compliment rather than overpower the stunning focal. And the rose quartz bracelet it to die for.

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