Murano and Murano Glass ☺

Murano is more than just a pretty island near Venice.




Murano is also home of Murano glass, which is world renowned.

You can find more than glasses and vases such as these, which we used in a restaurant in Lido, Venice:


You can find stunning chandeliers, sculptures and much more.

If you visit the island you can watch some glass blowing. It’s amazing to watch something colourful and beautiful being made from a lump of molten glass. Many fornaces don’t let you take photos and in the first one we visited we saw colourful glasses such as the ones above being made.

Luckily the second one we visited allowed photos ☺

The fornaces literally use furnaces:


In these photos a vase is being made:



Ta Dah!


We also saw this being made:


You can see it being made yourself ☺

I have uploaded my first ever video to YouTube.
Watch Glass Blowing in Murano here:


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