Very Inspiring Blogging Award

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an message from Laura Smith via my contact me page to tell me that she has nominated me for the Inspiring Blogging Award.

Her message said

“I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award because I think you deserve a little something for making your blog always look fab!”

To share this little bit of blogging kindness I have to:

1. Display the award image on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and link to their sites.
5. Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to the post.

I have already done the first two.

So, 7 things about me? Let me think…

  1. I feel horrible at the moment. I have a bad cold that hit me for six this week. I kept going some how, but today I have stopped and ended up staying in bed far too late, until 5pm. Oops! I had planned to have a lie in, but that is excessive. I could have gone to a workshop this afternoon, but wasn’t feeling up to it. I was going to try to get my sewing machine out, but now it is too late.
  2. I have two cats – Jess and Pepper. Jess is 10 and Pepper is 5. Jess prefers me and Pepper prefers Mr M, however they both know Mr M is a soft touch! They don’t get on, with their own territory within our house. Unfortunately the cat flap is in Pepper’s territory…
  3. After a few years off the road for health reasons, I am allowed to drive again. My driving licence is only valid for three years, but hopefully my health will be good enough for them to renew it when it expires. I feel as though I have my freedom back, I can now go to the supermarket, hobbycraft, where ever I want to really!
  4. I love trying new crafts. I decided to give stained glass a go after seeing that a local school offered classes on an evening. Admittedly I initially wanted to do the silver jewellery courses, but they are full with a waiting (which I’m on, of course!). I’m really enjoying stained class and am considering continuing after Christmas. If you’re near Reading (which most of you aren’t!), click here to see what courses are on offer.
  5. I enjoy travelling. Our summer break this year in South East Asia was brilliant. My favourite place this time was Luang Prabang. The previous year (on our honeymoon) my favourite place was Hoi An.
  6. All of my family live down in Devon, about three hours drive away from Reading. Mr M’s family live in Cheshire, about three and a half hours drive away, and his sister is even further! We rarely see our families due to the distance and hectic lives. I wish we saw them more often.
  7. I am a cider drinker! No, not the fizzy sweet stuff, like Kopparberg, but proper cider. I enjoy going to cider farms and trying their produce.  We frequent pubs that sell both real ale and real cider, rather than chain pubs that only sell strongbow. We even had some at our wedding reception. Some of my work colleagues were amused to see me in dancing in my wedding dress holding a pint of cider! 

The challenge with blog awards is choosing who to award it to, as there are so many inspiring blogs out there. I eventually chose the required 15! The blogs below are in a random order.

  1. The Renegade Seamstress
  2. Clouds of Colour
  3. The Crafty Network
  4. Diary of a Mad Crafter
  5. Modflowers
  6. Did You Make That?
  7. Dianne Faw
  8. The Sewing Boutique
  9. The Crafter’s Apprentice
  10. Krafty Kat
  11. Heart Stitch
  12. Michelle Made Me
  13. Attic 24
  14. Jelly Jam
  15. The Long Thread















Thank you to all the bloggers above for being so inspiring!


October’s Made It Winner

As I told you in my voting is open post, I entered two things into October’s Made It Challenge by Woolhogs. People can vote for their favourite, and as you can see by visiting this page and scrolling down to the bottom, my teacup pincushion  got the most votes!

The winner is actually chosen by random by inlinz. In October they chose these fab lighthouses by Made by Patch.

I am very jealous of Trish for winning these lovely goodies:

I am now planning my entry for November…!

99…100… Giveaway!

I promised a giveaway when I reached 100 followers, and now I’m there! As this is a blog about my makes, I’m giving away things you can use to make something.

You all know I’m a button fan, so how about these:


12 wooden painted flower buttons


20 cute bear head buttons


2 of both heart and star shaped plastic buttons in yellow, pink, purple and blue.

I also like beads.


A string of coloured beads


Wooden painted beads (two different colours and sizes)


Four polymer flower beads

What about ribbon?


You could have 1m of each of the ribbons above.

For those of you who like direction in what you make, how about these?


A Fizzy Moon Christmas card kit (complete with chart of course!).


The Art of Crochet Issue One


Complete with the dvd, crochet hook and some wool.

Apologies for the dark photos – I’m only home when it is dark at the moment!

So how do you win all of this?

This is a giveaway to celebrate my followers, so this is open to followers only (although I won’t say no to new followers). There are four ways you can enter (feel free to do all four!).

1. Comment below with what you would make from the goodies.

2. Write a blogpost about this giveaway and pingback (or reblog).

3. Tweet about it, including @mrsmmakes AND write a comment here to tell me you have done so

4. Like Mrs M Makes on Facebook and write a comment here to tell me you have done so (existing likers feel free to leave a comment saying you already like me!).

You have 10 days to enter this giveaway. It closes at midnight (GMT) on November 16th.

Good Luck!

Voting is Open!

I entered two things into Woolhogs October Made It Challenge.


I entered my teacup pincushion as this is by far my most popular post ever.


I also entered my felted soap. I hadn’t seen much like it in the blogosphere, although I did see someone selling them in Glasgow yesterday at a craft fair.


To admire all the entries visit here

The Winner Is…

I only gave you 24 hours to enter my mini giveaway, but still had 10 comments. I fired up to give me a truly random number:


The winner is comment 9, which was written by Ginny of My Time Stitching, who had liked my Facebook page. Ginny, please email me your postal address and I’ll post the booklet and ribbons to you tomorrow hopefully.

I am almost at 100 followers, so I will run another giveaway then 🙂

Advent Labels

As I’m participating in an advent swap, I need to find a way to label all the goodies with the date. The things I have put together vary dramatically in size, but I wanted consistency in how they are labelled. I thought date tags would work.

I started with easy to find bits from Wilcos:


OK, I’m not a child, but I liked the look of the paint sponges. The paint is also designed for children, but I didn’t want to use my more expensive fabric paint. The luggage tags are actually from The Works as they were the colour I wanted and the packs in Wilcos were white and in smaller packs.

I used the poster paint and the sponges to stamp the dates on one side of a luggage tag:


The number five wouldn’t stamp nicely and the four wasn’t great either! They took ages to dry!

I wanted to decorate them a bit more, but wanted each one to be the same. I couldn’t fit more on every label on the front, so turned them over:


Having these labels will make it easier to take photos recording presents with the date they are to be opened on, so I can share them with you all on the appropriate date.

This was a really quick thing to do, but was quite fun too. I regressed to a little girl! Hopefully when it is all put together it won’t look too childish.

An Award Winning Birthday

21 years ago today (well at least that’s what I told my students!) I entered this mad, mad world. Whilst I have eaten cake and been sung to, in many ways today has been a normal work day.

Tomorrow will be a slightly different Saturday as Mr M and I are getting up early for us on a Saturday and we’re heading off to Bath. I haven’t been to Bath in years (last time I was there I was involved in a car crash as I was about to leave), but it is very pretty and I want to explore it again. By the looks of it, somethings near the station have changed, but most of it will still be effectively the same. If you’ve never been, go! I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

Anyway I logged onto wordpress to read some blogs to find a unique birthday present. Pillows-a-la-mode has started a new award, called the Good Neighbour Award (spelt my way, not hers – we are from opposite sides of the Atlantic!). The idea was for people to nominate bloggers who they’d like to have as their neighbour. Some kind soul (thank you!) nominated me, and so I (along with lots of other more worthy receipients) have another award. Yey!


Next time I’m on my laptop (i.e. not my phone as present) I’ll add the logo to my blog. Thank you Pillows-a-la-mode for such a wonderful idea.

Have a good weekend everyone!

P.s. Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours…