So who is Mrs M?


I became Mrs M on 6th August 2011. Previously I was Miss P and had been for 31 years. Whilst my husband is only a couple of months older than me, when  we got married he was technically a year older 😛
We live in Reading, Berkshire, UK (UK added just incase this goes international, which I strongly doubt!). I am a teacher and teach secondary students Chemistry. My job doesn’t leave much time for making stuff at times, but I do really enjoy teaching (most of the time!).
I find making things satisfying, and always hope that people like what I make for them. I can’t claim that I make extremely original or high quality stuff, but I try!
I hope you like what I’ve made. Feel free to comment (but if criticising please be constructive).
Mrs M


21 thoughts on “So who is Mrs M?

    • My little blog has only been going for two months, yet it is viewed internationally. I don’t look where my visitors come from that often, but did today. I’ve had visits from Canada, the USA, Australia and Brazil as well as the UK today. I’ve seen a few countries from Europe listed on other days. It’s amazing!
      Thanks (everyone)

  1. HI Mrs M! Thanks for following our blog 🙂 Well, you can now add sunny (except now of course, it’s freezing) South Africa to your (no doubt) growing list of international visitors! Your blog is great and I look forward to more more more. Love Maryanne

  2. Hi, Just found you via Hannah above who mentioned Yorkshire, somewhere today- have traveled around cyber space so much I forget where I started. Anyway great finally to have people in the UK! Love you blog by the way

  3. Hello, Mrs. M, You are a darling and have a lovely blog. Don’t doubt anymore. You have gone international. I am writing to you from a city close to San Francisco, USA (USA added just in case) ! :))))

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog. I’m enjoying my visit to yours! The name of your blog is adorable and your wedding picture is lovely!

    • Your shop is indeed very cute! It should be a major port of call for anyone in Reading wanting unique presents.

      Thank you so much for your kind offer. I’m going to try to be creative this weekend and will bring you a few pieces in on Mon.

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  6. Mrs M! Thank you so much for my lovely jewellery! It made my day! I absolutely love it! You really know me well! I also love the buttons, I can’t wait to find a project for them. Thank you so much. You’re very organised, coming up to Christmas I haven’t even had time to think about my surprises!

  7. Hey Mrs M. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! I get the whole teaching and trying to have time to make things! If you get a chance head down to Birmingham and the rag market, it’s a fab place to get nice but cheap ribbon! And of course fabric!

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