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I’m seeing stars, pink stars

I’m aiming to only send handmade cards in 2013 (see my other aims here), and as it’s the 3rd birthday of a friend’s daughter this Saturday, I need a card…

Little girls tend to like pink, so I found pink paper in my stash and used this as my background colour. I used coordinating paper to create a band across the paper and added an embellishment to wish the recipient happy birthday:


I always make quite simple cards, don’t I? I quite like this card, but it’s not quite suitable for a 3 year old. I’m sure I will find a use for it.
I was a fan of the background with the white stars, so used it again. I dug around and with the help of a few buttons and a sticker, made this:


That’s much more suitable for a 3 year old!


A Periodic Birthday

As you may well know, I am a Chemistry teacher. Many moons ago I did indeed study Chemistry at university, and I met some of my closest friends there (as well as Mr M, but that was all a long time ago). I remember one point when doing my masters when one of my female friends pointed out that we were the only women in our lab group. I hadn’t even noticed! So yes, I have more male friends than female from those years.

With quite a few friends a text or Facebook message is now all we exchange on birthdays, but I do still exchange cards and presents with one friend. This friend lived with Mr M all those years ago and is virtually responsible for us meeting. He has been there for both of us for over ten years now.

Since blogging I haven’t bought a single card and I’m trying to make them all (who knows if it will extend to Christmas – too many to make and not enough time!). I find men way harder than woman to craft for. Luckily after a trip to the Science Museum in London, I was inspired.

This is the card I made:


(Photo taken at night before packaging for postage).

Yep, I was inspired by the Periodic Table!

Football Birthday Card

It’s my Dad’s birthday this week. I always find birthday cards for men a challenge. I really struggled with trying to think of a design for my father-in-laws birthday in June, however this time I thought of a theme!


Yes, my Dad is a football fan! He has supported Exeter City Football Club his whole life, so the colour had to match their shirts. You now know his name and age!

Once I thought of what I wanted to do, it was quite easy to make (as are all my cards!). I cut out a shirt in plain white and then added the red stripes using my favourite double sided tape. I printed his name and number and age and then stuck that on top. Ta Dah!

This would be really easy to adapt to other teams, names and ages. It’d be even easier if your team has a plain coloured shirt!

I just hope Mr Postman gets it to him on time!

Spotty Birthday Card

It’s SIL’s birthday next week, so it’s time to make her another card! I hope she likes it.


The dress card topper was free with Crafts Beautiful Magazine a couple of months ago. The spotty paper was in a pad of decorative paper I bought in The Works in Oxford.

When in Oxford, in the Cath Kidston shop I spotted some alphabet stamps and thought, what a good idea for cards. Unsurprisingly the Cath Kidston stamps seemed quite expensive, so I didn’t buy them, but I did go onto ebay…


These stamps cost £2.20 inc. postage and today was the first time I used them. I didn’t quite get them in a perfect line, but it’s still prettier than my handwriting!


(I actually got two sets of alphabet stamps – I used the other smaller ones in my recent Home Sweet Home Card).

Rather than stick a bit of ribbon onto the back I used another new purchase on the back…


This stamp was one of Vistaprints free offers and as I always do I only paid for slow delivery. It’s a pleasant surprise when it finally arrives! I can now stamp my makes with a personalised stamp to say that they were made by me…


I’ll be using this on all my cards (or at least that’s the plan).