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A 5 minute card

About 15 minutes before we left the house yesterday evening, I realised that I needed a card for someone we were likely to bump into. This is exactly why I have a card making stash.


The card literally took five minutes to make and as you can see it is very basic (although most of my cards are!). I had to take my photo in artificial light due to the timing – the left hand side of the card in the photo is the most realistic.

I still haven’t bought a card since starting blogging 🙂


Oh Christmas Tree…

I wish I had lots of time when I could sit down and spend lots of time making Christmas cards, without real life getting in the way. Unfortunately, like many people out there I have a full-time job and a variety of other things that get in the way of crafting. If I am to handmake all my cards this year I had to start early (which I have) and I can’t make the design too complicated.

Last weekend I figured out a simple cross stitch snowflake, which I made into a few cards. This weekend I came up with a simple tree design:


This is quicker to stitch than the snowflake, and like the snowflake it is stitched using whole stitches only. It looks way better stitched than my hand drawn design!

I stitched a few of these trees yesterday, and today turned them into a Christmas card:


I used ribbon from Sew and So in Bath to make the border. This is probably my quickest stitched card this year!

Button Flower Card

My little sister has received two cards from me already this year. One had heart easy embroidery on and was sent with a little gift. The other one was also heart shaped and was an acceptance card for her wedding later this year. It’s her birthday next week, so she needs another card. I haven’t bought a card since I started blogging and don’t intend to!

Having seen some lovely embroidery on blogs recently I decided to do that for a change from my usual. My sister is actually the recipient of my only other embroidered card. Oops!

I raided my button jar to find flower buttons to make into flowers. I didn’t use any complicated stitches – only backstitch. I also didn’t plan the design really until I started stitching. All I planned before i started was the five flowers as I had five pink flower buttons. The sun and birds were spur of the moment ideas.


Pity I can’t cut felt straight!

Snowflake Card

Along with many of you out there I’m planning to make my Christmas cards this year. It’s been a while since I made any cross stitch cards, and thought if I did one a night, a couple of nights a week, I’d get them done in time. Well, that was the plan…


This took me way more than one evening! I think this may be the only one I do like this.

When in hobbycraft picking up A3 tracing paper for my stained glass class I spotted some Christmas wooden stamps for 99p. I bought a couple and used one for a greeting inside this card.


These are the other stamps I picked up:


I think I got a little bit carried away!

Heart Cards

With an engagement announced and a wedding invitation received last week, this weekend it was card making time!

The wedding invitation was from my sister. I could have used the rsvp card she included in the invitation, but I always like to send something individual. As I mentioned before when sending her a note with a necklace, the colour theme for her wedding is red, so I wanted the rsvp we sent to fit with that. As it was wedding related I thought I’d go with hearts!


As with most of my cards this is really simple. I used my punch to punch out lots of little hearts, then drew a big heart onto the card blank. I then simply placed the punched hearts along the pencil line, making sure that the point and dip bit of the heart were on the line. It didn’t work perfectly, but you still get the overall effect.

I seem to have made a few engagement cards this year. I’ve made one using cross stitch, one using peel offs and another using a ready made topper. This time I stuck to hearts.


Using my heart punch again, I punched more hearts in coordinating colours. I then arranged these hearts in a heart shape and added a congratulations greeting to the top.

So there you go, two heart cards made from smaller hearts!

Cupcake Card


I only tend to make fairly basic cards, but I still really like this one. It’s for a young birthday girl whose favourite colours are pink and purple. It was really easy to make. After trimming the coloured paper, I drew the cupcake on the back and then cut it out using a craft knife. I then used double sided sellotape (a card making essential in my eyes) to attach the paper to the front of a card blank so that the cupcake appears out of the background. Hopefully it is simple, but effective!

Catch Up Cards

The world doesn’t stop when you’re away and during our holiday we heard some great news. On our return I made cards for those occasions where cards were suitable. I even had them all posted at a post office (at least one needed a large letter stamp) within 24 hours of landing!


Some of our friends had a baby girl. Obviously we knew they were expecting, but we didn’t know the sex of said little one. The baby sampler I was working on for ages is for them and unfortunately it didn’t get finished before we went away as work and getting ready for our trip got in the way. I need to finish it asap!


Another friend got engaged. I found this card topper in my card making box so went for a simple and effective look (I hope).


Finally the day we flew home was the birthday of one of our friends. Ok, this wasn’t a surprise, but a birthday that was almost a month away wasn’t on my radar when we left! I sent her a message as soon as we returned and hope the card will only be a few days late.

The rest of the good news is more long term, so I have a while to make something for them!