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Multi-colour Crochet Bag

After figuring out how to make crochet squares and getting them to be roughly the same size I wanted to make something with them!


With summer approaching it didn’t seem to make sense to make a blanket and the colours wouldn’t work in our lounge for cushions. So what to make? Then I had an idea – a casual bag!

Once I’d decided on a bag I had to decide on the size. I decided to go for a relatively small shoulder bag to hold a few bits for a night or afternoon in the pub – not much more. Then I had to decide how to make the strap and how to close it!


I’ll now admit that this was the main reason I treated myself to the French knitter a few weeks back. I French knitted the strap and then, after deciding sewing a zip onto crochet might be a challenge, knitted a short piece for a closing loop.

Then another issue dawned upon me! Items in the bag  could snag the crochet and/or get caught and be seen, or fall out! So I decided to sew a lining. I decided on a plain black lining and got my sewing machine out and had a go!


I zigzagged around the edge of the fabric, made a hem along the shorter edges, then sewed it together to make a pocket.

The last job was to put it all together. I went to Make and Do and spent an evening there at their Knitting and Crochet group. I was shown how to crochet the squares together, but my tension was so tight it was tough, so I found this virtually impossible. I just sewed them together instead. I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped, but I had great fun, chatting to the others and got the shape of the bag together.

Unfortunately work got in the way of doing much for most of the following week. I managed to sew the handles on, but that was about it! I sewed the loop for fastening on using the wool at the end, then used wool to sew on a buckle. Finally I sewed the lining in, and wahey, I had a bag!



Ok, it’s a bit 1970’s, but never mind!

On it’s first outing I found it needs me to shrink down from my big wallet to a little going out wallet. I also found that I hadn’t secured the handles well and they were slowly coming out. I will resecure and try again!


Crochet Squares – At home!

Following my class last week I was determined to try to make some crochet squares.
As blogged previously I didn’t actually complete a square in my lesson, but I did get how to do it in the end. This is what I made:


It’s actually two rounds (out of four) and as you can see the tension is all over the place!

After finishing another project I treated myself to some very reasonable priced wool and as I had a needle thanks to my workshop I had all I needed.


The first full square I did had much looser tension in the middle, but I’d made a whole square!


My tension was a lot more even on my second whole square. This square was quite a bit smaller, but I was a lot happier with this one.


I now need to figure out how to tidy up the ends of wool (darning? how?). I’m not going to make a blanket, but I do have an idea of something I want to make. I now need to make more!

Crochet Squares at Make and Do

I treated myself to an evening at Make and Do in Caversham to try to learn how to make a crochet square and what fun I had!

The group at my workshop consisted of six ladies with a range of experience from tried using YouTube and never tried like me! We were in for a treat. Our tutor Natalie was friendly, very helpful, encouraging and full of praise. Luckily for me she also has the patience of a saint!

I found crochet quite hard to start with. I kept forgetting instructions including how to do the stitches! Oops! I don’t usually like finding things difficult, and I don’t often get challenged that much. It was a refreshing change! The knitters learning crochet seemed to find crochet easier than us non knitters, but it didn’t stop us. I was laughing so much at times! Natalie was always very helpful and full of praise. Dare I say I got quite excited when I managed to make a corner by myself. Poor Natalie put up with me asking a lot of questions as was always full of praise. She was so patient! I managed to get there in the end and didn’t want to stop when it came to the end of the session. It’s actually quite relaxing.  Ok, I didn’t finish a blanket square, but I almost feel I could.

So, what’s next?

Well I own a crochet hook and instructions thanks to Make and Do and Natalie. I’m off to buy some wool before the weekend (although my focus should be on my sewing WIP which needs to be finished soon for a wedding next month). I want to make some squares!

I may also now be booked on another crochet workshop at Make and Do – I’ll attempt to make a brooch next!