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Murano and Murano Glass ☺

Murano is more than just a pretty island near Venice.




Murano is also home of Murano glass, which is world renowned.

You can find more than glasses and vases such as these, which we used in a restaurant in Lido, Venice:


You can find stunning chandeliers, sculptures and much more.

If you visit the island you can watch some glass blowing. It’s amazing to watch something colourful and beautiful being made from a lump of molten glass. Many fornaces don’t let you take photos and in the first one we visited we saw colourful glasses such as the ones above being made.

Luckily the second one we visited allowed photos ☺

The fornaces literally use furnaces:


In these photos a vase is being made:



Ta Dah!


We also saw this being made:


You can see it being made yourself ☺

I have uploaded my first ever video to YouTube.
Watch Glass Blowing in Murano here:



Reading Stained Glass

My stained glass class is carrying on, so I need materials for my next project. I bought everything for my first project from my tutor and had the opportunity to do again, but chose to go to the shop myself for a wider range and some inspiration.

What inspiration there was too. I saw all of this (and more) before even entering the store:




I love this lamp! (So much so that my twitter and Facebook followers will recognise it!).

I found the shop to be way bigger than I imagined. Downstairs was a showroom full of stained glass for sale. Look at all of these lightshades:




The last two really caught my eye!

They also sold fused glass. I had a go at this back in the summer and the products for sale were way more impressive than mine:



I spent a very long time trying to choose my glass. The ground floor is covered in lots of cabinets like this:


There are huge sheets of glass at the bottom, glass in front of a light so that you can see what it looks like in the middle and small sheets at the top. This cabinet is approximately a quarter of that on display, and then you also had the bargain box!

I spent probably an hour looking at it all, before coming out with just three colours (one of which is clear!) for the design I have in my head. I still haven’t finalised it, but know essentially what I want and it is going to be quite simple. Saturday was the only day i could go to the shop, so it had to be done! I was originally going to go for reds, but didn’t want something too dark (hard to see where to cut!) and I couldn’t find two that i decided went very well together. I changed my mind and went for blue instead. My parents collect blue and white china of a particular design, so that would work. I bought water glass as that was relatively cheap. I also bought lead, despite not needing it for a few weeks.

Now I must really finish my design!

Stained Glass Lesson Two

Last week the school that holds my stained glass class had an open evening, so we didn’t have a class :-(.

In lesson one I was shown how to cut the glass, choose my design and my glass. This lesson I was cutting more glass! After two hours this is what I had done:


The colours show better when the canvas (i.e. glass sheet I’m placing them on) is lifted up.


It’s something else that is hard to take a photo of! The glass I cut is held onto my glass canvas using my modeling clay. I had wondered why I needed plasticine when I had to get my shopping for the class.

I cut 11 pieces today (I did 1 piece last lesson). I didn’t mark which pieces I had already cut on my pattern, so I accidently started cutting the same shape more than once! I had difficulty with a few shapes as getting them to cut exactly where I wanted didn’t always happen. In the end I abandoned one piece and started again (although initially that was a mistake as I started to do the same piece again, then realised my second cut was better!). Some cuts of glass were harder to do than others. I got better as the evening went on again. Pity the evening class had to end!

Roll on next week!

This time next week…

I like to learn new crafts 🙂 I like to try something new on a regular basis, and have made some lovely bits in workshops and have also picked up a few new skills. A while ago I decided I wanted to learn a craft a bit more deeply so decided to do a course. I looked into local colleges to see what courses they run, and nothing really appealed that started in September. With a bit of searching I then found that a local school runs art classes for the general public in the evenings, with some that looked interesting.

I am now on the waiting list for a class in Jewellery which runs on either Monday or Tuesday nights. In these classes you design and create unique pieces of jewellery working in silver, mixed metals and other materials. A course of ten lessons costs only £90, although you do need to pay for materials on top. I’ve only ever made jewellery using bought beads etc. Being able to craft my own would be great, but I can’t do it yet as the course is currently fully booked on both days that it runs. I will get on that course one day!

This time next week I will be on a Creative Stained Glass course. It runs for 5 weeks on Wednesday evenings, but it is not necessarily on consecutive weeks, so whilst the course starts next Wednesday (September 26th) it ends in November (on the 7th). It looks as though I’ll be working on a piece that is roughly A3 in size. I have a few ideas as to what sort of thing I’d like to do, but I don’t have any idea what would work in the time and with no starting knowledge. We will have to wait and see…

For now I have a week to get together the following things:

A piece of 12-15mm thick chipboard – to set out glass on – 450 x 350mm

A piece of horticultural  glass – 450mm x 350mm

2 battens of wood approx. 25mm x 12mm dimension, to fit along two sides of the board. These are used as glazing supports to hold the panel in place and fit along the edges of  the chipboard.

A small hammer

A small amount of Plasticine

A3 sheets of drawing paper and tracing paper

Apron & rubber gloves for cementing

Safety goggles

I only got this today and have already found somewhere that will sell me the glass close to work, so I will pick that up either tomorrow or Friday. The bloke I spoke to was friendly and said I could just pop by as long as it is before 5pm (that is the challenge!). I came home from work via Homebase where I bought the chipboard and wood needed, and a lovely chap there cut it all to size for me. If anyone else wants to do this, I have enough wood for two!

I’m really looking forward to it!