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7th Bead Soup Blog Party


The makes in this year’s Bead Soup Blog Hop have been as inspiring as ever. I’m in the third reveal (rescheduled now for Saturday 27th April), and hopping through the first two reveals is a lot of fun.

Links to all in the first reveal

Links to all in the second reveal

My bead soup partner is a very talented jewellery artist. I am really looking forward to seeing what she makes with the soup I sent her. She wrote a lovely blog post sharing the beads I sent her.

To see the delights Jenny sent me, see my previous Bead Soup post. You will have to wait until the reveal date to see what I’ve made with it. I hope she thinks I’ve done it justice!


International Craft Swap – Part Two


I was very lucky with the goodies Jo gave me as part of the International Craft Swap (see here for details). I thought I would share what I gave her with you.

Jo commutes into London by train every day, so I thought a notebook which is portable enough for use on the train would be a nice idea.


The booklet is roughly A6 in size and has 72 pages, so should have enough space for a few notes / scribbles.

I tied it in with the nautical theme with the anchor button and anchor lining.



The paper is a free printable download found here

I have treated myself to both black and white thread for bookmaking, but decided that I liked seeing the binding on the outside,  so went for white.


Jo makes her own clothes and I decided to make something to go with her outfits.  The nautical theme made me think of the sea and I had some beads that seemed perfect.


The blue beads are see through,  like the sea! Blue and white together seemed quite nautical too. I’m pleased to tell you that Jo put the necklace and bracelet on straight away.

We also had a exchange a small gift of less than £3 in value.  As I mentioned in my last post,  I heard about this swap whilst on holiday in Malta. I bought this there:


It’s an eye of Osiris and you find these on traditional Maltese boats. They are supposed to guard against bad luck etc. This admittedly is a fridge magnet, but I thought it linked well with the theme.


Jo seemed to like her goodies. I have since found that Rachel at House of Pinheiro organises a swap once a year. I’ve enjoyed this one and will definitely sign up to whatever she organises next year!

A Vintage Fix

How devastated would you be if a necklace belonging to your Mum broke? I could hardly say no when asked to fix a necklace for a woman for whom this had happened. I was given this:


It took longer to fix than to make a new necklace! I had to rearrange the middle of the necklace as a few beads had been lost when it broke.  I kept as much original as possible.

Here is the finished product:


How cute is the clasp?


All packaged up and ready to go home:


This time next week…

I like to learn new crafts 🙂 I like to try something new on a regular basis, and have made some lovely bits in workshops and have also picked up a few new skills. A while ago I decided I wanted to learn a craft a bit more deeply so decided to do a course. I looked into local colleges to see what courses they run, and nothing really appealed that started in September. With a bit of searching I then found that a local school runs art classes for the general public in the evenings, with some that looked interesting.

I am now on the waiting list for a class in Jewellery which runs on either Monday or Tuesday nights. In these classes you design and create unique pieces of jewellery working in silver, mixed metals and other materials. A course of ten lessons costs only £90, although you do need to pay for materials on top. I’ve only ever made jewellery using bought beads etc. Being able to craft my own would be great, but I can’t do it yet as the course is currently fully booked on both days that it runs. I will get on that course one day!

This time next week I will be on a Creative Stained Glass course. It runs for 5 weeks on Wednesday evenings, but it is not necessarily on consecutive weeks, so whilst the course starts next Wednesday (September 26th) it ends in November (on the 7th). It looks as though I’ll be working on a piece that is roughly A3 in size. I have a few ideas as to what sort of thing I’d like to do, but I don’t have any idea what would work in the time and with no starting knowledge. We will have to wait and see…

For now I have a week to get together the following things:

A piece of 12-15mm thick chipboard – to set out glass on – 450 x 350mm

A piece of horticultural  glass – 450mm x 350mm

2 battens of wood approx. 25mm x 12mm dimension, to fit along two sides of the board. These are used as glazing supports to hold the panel in place and fit along the edges of  the chipboard.

A small hammer

A small amount of Plasticine

A3 sheets of drawing paper and tracing paper

Apron & rubber gloves for cementing

Safety goggles

I only got this today and have already found somewhere that will sell me the glass close to work, so I will pick that up either tomorrow or Friday. The bloke I spoke to was friendly and said I could just pop by as long as it is before 5pm (that is the challenge!). I came home from work via Homebase where I bought the chipboard and wood needed, and a lovely chap there cut it all to size for me. If anyone else wants to do this, I have enough wood for two!

I’m really looking forward to it!


When I ran my giveaway, one of the prizes was a surprise for the winner. Janey of Is That You Darling won and told me her favourite colour is purple. In her comment on the giveaway she mentioned that she’d never tried jewellery making, so I decided to make her some purple jewellery. Luckily I had some purple wire and beads, so I put this together:


I must admit taking photos late at night on a phone never gets the best results, so this is actually Janey’s photo from a post on all her recent wins (she’s a lucky lady!). Hopefully she won’t mind! I didn’t post about it earlier as I wanted it to be a surprise.

It looks as though she has plans for some of the buttons she won. I can’t wait to see the bracelet she wants to make.

Upcycling A Necklace

When doing a bit of shopping prior to the new school term, I came across this necklace for £2 down from £10 in BHS.


I liked the flowers, but the fully beaded chain made it a bit chunky for me. There was of course the common earring issue too…

Out came the wire cutters and pliers!

First up, I made the earrings using the two outer most flowers, a split ring and earring hooks:


I quite liked the silver beads with the flowers, so I kept some in the new necklace design. I reused the lobster clasp and extender from the original necklace, only adding new wire (which I doubled up for strength), jump rings, callotes and crimps. My new necklace is a lot less bulky and more me:


In addition to my new necklace and matching earrings, I also have over 30 pearl silver beads to add to my bead stash!


Last week I found I had 50 followers and decided to have my first ever giveaway. I now have a few more followers. I’m going to send a surprise to whoever wins the giveaway as well as the items below:


1m of five different ribbons


15 painted wooden buttons


An assortment of other buttons


Some lampwork beads


An assortment of other beads

And finally:


A selection of jewellery findings including wire, earring hooks, headpins, ring bases, lobster clasps and more.

To win all of this and the mystery item, write a comment below as to what you might make with the goodies you would get if you win. You can gain an extra entry by either reblogging or mentioning this giveaway on your blog and then writing another comment on here to let me know. The winner must be Mrs M Makes follower.

The giveaway is open until midnight on Wed September 5th. Good luck!