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Oh Christmas Tree…

I wish I had lots of time when I could sit down and spend lots of time making Christmas cards, without real life getting in the way. Unfortunately, like many people out there I have a full-time job and a variety of other things that get in the way of crafting. If I am to handmake all my cards this year I had to start early (which I have) and I can’t make the design too complicated.

Last weekend I figured out a simple cross stitch snowflake, which I made into a few cards. This weekend I came up with a simple tree design:


This is quicker to stitch than the snowflake, and like the snowflake it is stitched using whole stitches only. It looks way better stitched than my hand drawn design!

I stitched a few of these trees yesterday, and today turned them into a Christmas card:


I used ribbon from Sew and So in Bath to make the border. This is probably my quickest stitched card this year!