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I’m seeing stars, pink stars

I’m aiming to only send handmade cards in 2013 (see my other aims here), and as it’s the 3rd birthday of a friend’s daughter this Saturday, I need a card…

Little girls tend to like pink, so I found pink paper in my stash and used this as my background colour. I used coordinating paper to create a band across the paper and added an embellishment to wish the recipient happy birthday:


I always make quite simple cards, don’t I? I quite like this card, but it’s not quite suitable for a 3 year old. I’m sure I will find a use for it.
I was a fan of the background with the white stars, so used it again. I dug around and with the help of a few buttons and a sticker, made this:


That’s much more suitable for a 3 year old!


Cupcake Card


I only tend to make fairly basic cards, but I still really like this one. It’s for a young birthday girl whose favourite colours are pink and purple. It was really easy to make. After trimming the coloured paper, I drew the cupcake on the back and then cut it out using a craft knife. I then used double sided sellotape (a card making essential in my eyes) to attach the paper to the front of a card blank so that the cupcake appears out of the background. Hopefully it is simple, but effective!