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Made in Earley Exhibition


The jewellery classes I attend are at Maiden Earley School in Reading. This week I submitted a piece for display in the Made in Earley exhibition.

The Exhibition blurb:

“Adult silver jewellery students and RGA Fridays artists attend classes in our studios.  This joint show of their diverse work is inspired by major London exhibitions such as The Cheapside Hoard and other, more local, themes.”

My piece was inspired by the Cheapside Hoard. One piece that really caught my eye was a tiny emerald pocket watch:


The watch is over 350 years old and was designed so that the time could be read even when the lid was shut!

My clock (which I’ve titled “The White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch” for the exhibition) is much bigger,  at 20cm across diagonally. It’s made from copper which I patinated and silver for the dial. It even works! It took probably half a term to make and is full of imperfections to my eyes, but I’m still quite pleased with it.


It is both quite exciting and nerve wracking having work in an exhibition for the first time ever! However I’m pleased that I have and am pleased that I tried something completely different to my usual makes.

If you’re local, pop along to the exhibition.  If not, I hope to show you some other gems after the private view this Friday night.  Eeeeeeek!


A stash necklace

Last night when making my silver heart jewellery I dug out my jewellery pliers and decided to have a dig through beads that I already owned. When I started making jewellery a few years back I bought quite a few beads from ebay, but my skills were very basic and I enjoyed shopping for beads, but couldn’t make much from my purchases. I decided to make something using beads I already owned. Since I went on a basic jewellery course and made my floating necklace my skills have improved. This is what I made:


I have never before dangled beads from the chain like this – in the past I would have just threaded all the beads onto the wire or cord directly. The red beads were in my stash and the silver beads were left over from butchering a necklace to make a matching set.

I’m quite pleased with this and don’t think it looks homemade. I am considering making an item of jewellery for every female member of my family for Christmas.

Silver heart jewellery

Remember the silver hearts I bought in Vientiane in Laos? Well today I turned them into a simple necklace with matching earrings. It was really quite easy to do (the most difficult bit was changing split rings!) and in my opinion looks quite expensive.


(Photo taken in artificial light using my phone camera).

What do you think?