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Christmas Time…

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas! We’ve had a busy one, offset with days in bed ill beforehand, then my little sister’s wedding and of course all the Christmas prep. We have eaten far too much and drunk even more!

My parents were very impressed with and happy with their present. Here it is leaning on their fireplace in their lounge:


I was a bit too busy to take a photo of the finished stained glass before wrapping it up for them, so I’m afraid this is the best I’ve got! Hopefully they will put it up somewhere and I’ll take a photo of it in situ and will share it with you then.

My parents have been asking me for years what I want for Christmas. I only asked for something little originally as it is an expensive time with my sister’s wedding, but got told to let them know about something bigger. Well, this is what I got:


Hobbycraft had it on offer a while ago (£15 off!) so I passed the details on. I had to explain to everyone there what it is, but I am quite excited about playing with it properly when at home.

What did you get? Anything crafty?

My parents no longer live where I grew up. They not only live in a different house, but a different town, well, county even! When they downsized and moved they got rid of a lot of stuff, but they did keep some bits. This is on the wall in their spare room:


My parents started collecting blue and white china in the 90s. I did this sampler for my Mum’s birthday in 1994. It used to live in the dining room in our old house, but as their spare room has a blue theme they put it up in the spare room when they moved. I now wake up and see this every morning when staying with them. It’s quite a simple piece, but reasonably impressive and fits well with their likes. I think this will be my oldest make I will ever show you as I was only 14 when I made it. I hope you like it!


The end of an era…

Well, this may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it was my last stained glass class this week.
I knew I’d finish my project, well at least as much as I could do there, so I didn’t feel any time pressure.

All I needed to do was finish the soldering:


Then cement it:


All I have to do at home now is to get rid of the excess cement and polish it. I will share my final result with you when it’s all done.

It’s beginning to look a lot like a Christmas present…

I was beginning to worry that I wouldn’t finish my parent’s Christmas present in time, but after this weeks stained glass class I’m now feeling a lot more confident that I will.

Last week I started leading my star. None of the photos show you the scale, so this looks like an easyish job. If I tell you that the whole thing is roughly 25cm square, then you’ll have an idea of the size of the middle! I had a lot of help to get to this:


Part of the issue is that there are so many pieces all linked together that when you move one, they all move! My teacher suggested that I solder the middle together to stop this happening.


Then leading the rest was a lot easier, although I made a few trips to the grinder and trimmed a few with my glass knife.


I just about had time to solder one side before going home.


There are a few bits of soldering on this side which I’ll tidy up next week and then I’ll solder the other side. I’ll cement it too, and then I guess I’ll have to do the rest at home. Cleaning off the cement and polishing can be done relatively easily on my lounge floor. I’ll just need to find a time slot to do it!

Should I?

I had a late night at work tonight and whilst compulsory, it clashed with my stained glass class! As I drove home, I realised I could probably make about 45 minutes of the class. I could drive home and put my feet up, or I could hope the temporary traffic lights were for me, and go to my class in my work clothes (my apron, glass etc was already in the car). What would you do?

Well, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know what I did! Yep, I did stained glass in my work clothes! I haven’t done anything crafty in the last week due to a combination of feeling rubbish and having reports to write, and wanted a bit of me time, hence my decision to go.

Once I arrived at my class I only had 40 minutes of the class. Factor in setting up and packing away time and I probably actually had under 30 minutes!

So was it worth it?


With a lot of help, some of my middle star is leaded. I’m starting to think that despite simplifying the middle of the design, it is still pretty complicated when you start thinking about how many leads meet in the centre! Another factor is the size of the piece. It is 25cm x 25cm, which gives you an idea just how small the centre is!

I’m glad I went. Whilst to you it may not look like a huge amount of progress was made (last weeks post), this was actually quite hard to do. I now have more idea how to do the rest next week. Ideally I’ll finish cutting the leading next week, which leaves me a week to solder and cement. It’s getting a bit too close to Christmas for my liking now!

A-tischoo! A-tischoo!

It’s the time of year here in the UK when it’s cold and wet and everyone is sneezing. Unfortunately I have been one of them for the last few days. I feel pretty horrid, but I have kept going, just! One of the things that helped me keep going was my stained glass class. I was very tempted to stay in bed on Wednesday morning, but I could hardly go to my class if I had taken the day off work!

Sneezing definitely slows down whatever you are doing. You can’t sneeze and do something else at the same time! This has impacted a lot of what I have done over the last few days. I kept having to take breaks from my stained glass to have sneezing fits. I hope that I haven’t made anyone there ill!

I did manage to get a bit done.

I finished cutting the glass:


I also grinded some of the pieces down so that they fitted together better. I then started leading:


I have two and a bit lessons left before Christmas. I hope I can get it finished in time!

A Star is Born!

If you saw my earlier post on stained glass patterns, you’ll know my final design for my second piece has a star at the centre. I photocopied my sketch and coloured it in to gain a rough idea how it would look with three colours:


The two shades of blue colouring pencil I used are more subtle than the glass I bought.

I started by cutting out all of the colourless glass. Whilst there are a lot of straight lines, I still did it all freehand.


Colourless glass isn’t that easy to see!

Then I did my darker blue:


And just about had time to start on my lighter blue:


Some of these pieces need grinding, especially the very pointy ones! As I managed all of this in a lesson, with a bit of time taken out to polish my first piece, so I’m sure I’ll be leading for part of next lesson. This may well be doable in the time I’ve allowed myself!

Ta Dah! My First Ever Stained Glass Piece is Finished!

I’ve finished it!


After getting rid of the excess cement last week and at the weekend this was almost finished. I polished it in my sixth stained glass class, and then it was finished!

To see how this progressed see my earlier posts:
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I am now working on my second piece which will be my parents Christmas present.